Our History

Early History

The Group has a rich and varied history. It was originally formed in 1953 as Radio Taxicabs (Southern) Ltd. It was an independent driver co-operative of Licensed London Black Taxi Cabs and their taxi owner drivers.

The name Mountview hails as a historical nickname from the original 1953 taxi company telephone number Mountview 3232. When asked, taxi drivers would say that they were members of the “Mountview” circuit.


In 2004 the co-operative demutualized and diversified and became Radio Taxis Group Limited. It signed up to the City Code as a consequence of the exclusive share trading market arrangements where shares are traded quarterly online by auction.

Later in its history in 2005, Radio Taxis become the world’s first transport company to become CarbonNeutral®. This was achieved by reducing the Group’s output of Carbon and then through a strict and certified audit, offsetting the remainder.

Aquisition of Xeta

Soon after demutualization and for the first time in its history, the company acquired Xeta, a smaller niche radio taxi circuit.

History - The Lord Mayors Parade

One Transport

In 2006/7 the One Transport platform was developed and its UK wide ground transport management system and network of 400 Private Hire, taxi, courier and bus companies was established.

The very first customer of One Transport was BBC transport and very quickly One Transport took over the management online of the entire BBC ground transport requirement for the whole of the UK. It was said that in its very first year of operation, One Transport saved the BBC over £1M.

In more recent history, One Transport won the annual BBC Procurement Award for the Best Supplier Relationship (2013/14).

One Transport was short listed at the Buying Business Travel awards, in both 2013 and in 2014 as a finalist for best Ground Transportation Company.

In 2014, Radio Taxis Group changed its name to Mountview House Group, however the three subsidiary businesses continue as before, for Radio Taxis, Xeta & One Transport its business as usual.